Welcome to Ricardo Sarmiento Music!

This is the official page for all news and info related to the music released by Ricardo Sarmiento.


Ricardo is currently working on getting several ideas together to record and release a whole album with new music.


Ricardo Sarmiento is a musician whose goal is to write and produce the most honest possible music, with or without lyrics, that can fulfill the listener ears looking for new and inspiring songs.


Girar has been released through Musicoin.org

I am glad to announce the release of my single “Girar” through the platform Musicoin.org. Musicoin is the new way to release music, where artist get paid per stream in the crypto-currency called $MUSIC and listeners can discover and listen music from independent musicians for free, without paying any fees.

New instrumental Release: Change is Coming

I am glad to show you my new instrumental release called “Change is Coming”. With all the strange events that we are witnessing in the last few months and even years, I thought that title was the best to describe what was going on through my mind when I first recorded this track in 2014.